How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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Smoke, pet dander and pollen can trigger seasonal allergies or asthma, so keeping these contaminants out of your home is the key to enjoying better indoor air quality. Unfortunately, no home is a bubble; kids can track in pet hair from playing with a neighbor's dog, and pollen can drift in through an open door or window.

The Aerus of Houston, TX team can recommend an advanced air purifier for the home based on your budget and needs. We also offer commercial solutions.

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Space technology designed for at-home use

Aerus has created an air purifier for the home using powerful NASA technology. So unlike other air purifiers, an Aerus air purification system can eliminate...

  • Airborne viruses
  • Mold spores
  • Bacteria

It can also remove surface contaminants. Contact us today to get an Aerus air purifier installed at your Houston, TX home.